Volkan 1000

ultra high-capacity, fast burning animal carcass incinerator

Why choose the VOLKAN +1000?

The VOLKAN +1000 is specifically designed for the incineration of:
• Cattle carcasses
• Pig carcasses
• Sheep carcasses
• Farm shop and abattoir waste

Series Overview

The VOLKAN +1000 is fuel efficient and easy to run, operated by automatic control systems. It is the ideal solution for the fast incineration of large volumes of waste. Constructed from high quality materials in the UK, it comes with one year's free warranty.

Series Options

Fuel use options: LPG, Diesel, 35 second fuel oil

VOLKAN+ 1000 series options:
Primary Volume11.4m> 3 tonnes
Burn Rate*< 1000kg/hr
Load MethodTop
Typical Dimensions
Overall Length12.635m
Overall Width2.76m
Overall Height (with standard stack)6.6m
(with optional extended stack)8.00m
Weight 26 tonnes

*based upon the calorific value of waste steam.
Specifications subject to change for continuous improvement.

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