Volkan 200

medium-capacity animal carcass incinerator

The VOLKAN 200 series is a compact yet powerful incinerator, ideal for the disposal of poultry, sheep and medium-sized animal carcasses.

Why choose the VOLKAN 200?

The VOLKAN 200 is specifically designed for the incineration of:
• Sheep carcasses
• Poultry carcasses
• Medium-sized pet animal carcasses (cats & small dogs)
• Farm shop and abattoir waste

Economic and reliable

The VOLKAN 200 is compact, fuel efficient and easy to run, designed to achieve its optimum incineration temperature quickly. It is the ideal solution for medium volume incineration. Constructed from high quality materials in the UK, it comes with one year's free warranty.

Efficient and easy to use

The VOLKAN 200 is an easy to use, top-loading, DEFRA ‘Type Approved’ incinerator with a unique slide-opening lid, providing clear access for ease of manual or mechanical loading. All controls are placed away from the loading area to avoid damage by loading machinery. Once the incinerator has been loaded, a burn program is selected and the incinerator can be left unattended until the carcass reduces to ash. It is highly efficient, utilising automatic high heat-rate burners, timer controls and low thermal mass linings that ensure minimal running costs; a thermostat triggers burner shut-off when optimum temperatures are reached, increasing fuel efficiency significantly. The model is designed to use the inherent fuel properties within animal fat that aid combustion. With a burn rate of up to 50kg per hour, the VOLKAN 200 has a low capacity status requiring no planning permission for farm usage. Easily installed on site, it simply requires concrete hard-standing and a 240-volt electricity & fuel supply. A comprehensive operating, care & maintenance manual is provided with each incinerator.

Available Options:

VOLKAN 200 series options:
Secondary Chamber: For ABPR 1069/2009 EU Compliance.
Fuel use options:Diesel
Natural Gas
Mounting:Floor Mounted
Trailer Mounted

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VOLKAN 200 - specifications at a glance
Chamber Volume 0.57m ³ 
Load Capacity Up to 200kg
Load Method Top
Electricity Supply 240 volt required
Weight 1.2 tonne
Fuel Options Diesel, LPG, Bio Gas, Natural Gas
Typical Fuel Consumption * Liquid Propane Gas: 6 to 8 litres per hour
Natural Gas: 7 to 9 Nm³/hr
Diesel: 4 to 6 litres per hour
World Standard 2.27m(l) x 1.65m(w) x 1.1m(h)
EU Standard 2.27m(l) x 1.65m(w) x 2.95m(h)