VOLKAN 1200 series

How it works

The VOLKAN 1200 series is a top-loading incinerator with a unique design. The operator simply glides back the two independent doors, which form the lid to gain access to the hearth. Waste can then be easily loaded into the incinerator. Once loaded, the appropriate burn program is selected, allowing operators to leave the incinerator unattended while the waste is reduced to ash. The highly efficient design of this incinerator quickly heats the after chamber to the required temperature, automatically starting the main burner to begin combustion in the main chamber. Automatic systems continue to monitor both temperature and time throughout the selected program, safely ending the cycle with an appropriate cool-down period.

Automatic systems ensure that the after chamber gasses quickly reach 850C, and maintains this as a minimum until the end of the main burn cycle, meeting the EU Animal By-Products Regulation requirement that all exhaust gasses are subjected to a minimum of 850C for a minimum of 2 seconds. This incinerator can also deliver significant fuel savings as it constantly monitors the temperature throughout each cycle, automatically turning burners off as the temperature rises, and on again when required.

The incinerator must be installed on a concrete hard standing with suitable 230-volt electricity and fuel supplies provided, and sufficient clearance for the height of the chimney assembly. Final assembly is carried out by a fully trained Waste Spectrum engineer, who will commission the incinerator and train your operators in its correct and safe operation. A comprehensive operating, care & maintenance manual is provided with each incinerator

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